Customized Special-Shaped Long Size Corrugated Shipping Boxes


Let us design, make and print your custom corrugated packaging and shipping boxes. Custom long shaped boxes available in multiple length series.  Competitive Wholesale prices with free design support and free shipping in USA and Canada. MOQ 500.

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Let us design, make, and print your corrugated custom printed long sized packaging, mailing, or shipping boxes with logo. We offer low minimum orders for small business and bulk orders for big businesses at wholesale price with free design support and free shipping in United States and Canada.

Product Type
Oversize Custom Length Shaped Shipping Boxes 
Free Structure Design Based on your product size, quantity and idea
Recyclable Corrugated Cardboard E/F Flute, Kraft
CMYK / Pantone / Mixed color
Surface Finish
UV Varnish / Gloss Lamination / Matt Lamination / Gloss Varnish / Matt Varnish / Hot Stamping, etc
Special Process
Gold Stamping / Silver Stamping / Embossing / Debossing / UV Spot, etc.
Design File Format
AI / PDF / CorelDRAW
500 Pieces
Production Time + Shipping
Depends on order

Available Sizes:

Based on your product dimensions, we offer corrugated shipping boxes in the following length wise series.

  • 100MM series corrugated shipping boxes
  • 200MM series corrugated shipping boxes
  • 300MM series corrugated shipping boxes
  • 400MM series corrugated shipping boxes
  • 500MM series corrugated shipping boxes
  • 600MM series corrugated shipping boxes
  • 700MM series corrugated shipping boxes

Corrugated Boxes Layers:

We offer three layer, five layers, or seven layers corrugated shipping boxes based on user requirements.

Flute Types:

3 layers custom flute boxes are available in E flute, B flute, or C flute types. 5 layers flute shipping boxes are available in  BC, EE, EB flutes.

Custom Box Features:


Long sized shipping boxes with logo are often used for products that are long or have elongated dimensions. These boxes are designed to accommodate items that exceed standard length dimensions, and they can provide the necessary space and protection for various products. Here are some examples of products that are suitable for long-sized shipping boxes:

  1. Poles and Rods:
    • Items like fishing rods, curtain rods, or other elongated poles.
  2. Tubing and Pipes:
    • Industrial or construction materials such as metal or plastic pipes.
  3. Prints and Posters:
    • Large prints, posters, or artwork that require a tube-shaped container.
  4. Car Parts:
    • Long automotive components, such as exhaust pipes or drive shafts.
  5. Sports Equipment:
    • Items like golf clubs, ski poles, or baseball bats.
  6. Furniture Parts:
    • Components of furniture that are long, such as table legs or chair rails.
  7. Light Fixtures:
    • Ceiling lights, fluorescent tubes, or other long lighting fixtures.
  8. Carpets and Rugs:
    • Rolled-up carpets or rugs that need protection during shipping.
  9. Architectural Moldings:
    • Trim pieces, crown moldings, or other architectural elements.
  10. Musical Instruments:
    • Certain musical instruments like trombones or didgeridoos.
  11. Rolls of Material:
    • Fabrics, wallpapers, or other materials that are rolled for shipping.
  12. Electronic Equipment:
    • Long electronic components like antennas or certain cables.


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